Why We Do It

Our ultimate goal is to provide businesses and individuals with the means to protect themselves online. Thanks to internet connectivity it is practically impossible to give up on virtual life. Unfortunately, that creates holes in our security that could ruin our entire lives what with such things as hacking, identity theft, stalking and spying. In fact, with the trends shifting to an increased adaptation of the IoT, the risks and threats increase a thousandfold.

DERPA aims to find a lasting solution to the ever growing threats that we face in our lives today. While we commend the efforts of organizations that take a legal approach as the solution to such problems, our role is to provide more practical solutions that could prove useful at a government, organization, corporate or individual level.

A practical solution such as decentralized network systems provides not only the much sought after internet security but also transparency and freedom, which is why everyone at DERPA is so passionate about making this a reality.

Additionally, we aim to decrease the tax placed on the Earth. Our planet is slowly but steadily reaching its limits thanks to exploitative and destructive economic activities. By improving the scalability and sustainability of incentivised network systems, we could significantly reduce the misuse of Earth’s limited resources.