What We Do

Our aim at DERPA is to develop and improve decentralized network systems. We believe that they can be a pivotal force in years to come, especially with the view on such things as net neutrality being as bleak as it is. As it stands, you need to rely on multiple network security devices to experience a few of the network rights and freedoms that are denied by law. However, what if you could depend on a single tool that automatically combines the use of all these network security tools and then some? Take for instance the features of a VPN, which provide network security, privacy, better network speeds and other benefits. This allows you to free up space that would have otherwise been wasted on other software to provide the same result. For those wondering about why we do this, these are our goals and what DERPA hopes to provide:


While internet usage has become commonplace in most places around the world, there are still places without access while others enjoy censure, where the access is limited or controlled. One of the reasons some areas around the world don’t have access to the internet is because they lack the necessary resources, either the knowledge or infrastructure. On the other hand, internet censure is usually caused by government or ISP regulations. We feel very strongly about such situations and hope to provide tools that could solve such problems. In our opinion, the internet is a driving force and a tool that could help improve personal and global living standards. To that end, we aim to provide unlimited access to all who need it when they need it.


Trends in cybersecurity show that there is an increase in the volume and complexity of cyber attacks. As internet usage increases, so too do the cases of internet security breaches. The more significant problem is that most of these breaches go unreported because, for one, most law enforcement agencies lack the capacity to handle them and two, most of the victims are clueless about the nature or significance of the attack. The situation is made worse by the fact that the attacks evolve each time a countermeasure is developed. DERPA understands that individuals and businesses have to remain proactive about their internet security.

Nevertheless, we have identified a better solution that could solve the network security issue concretely and reduce the occurrence of breaches. We aim to develop decentralized network systems such as those used by cryptocurrencies to curb this problem. A look into Bitcoin history will show that there have been negligible successful hacking attempts to the Bitcoin network or blockchain, which is proof positive of the validity and success rate of our solution.


Internet privacy is yet another serious concern for us at DERPA. In today’s world, we share practically everything online partly because it has become second nature. More so, our internet devices have pretty much all our information stored in them. However, the current state of internet privacy makes this a severe vulnerability. Digital privacy is inexistent for most people, while others have poor security setups, which is akin to using a band-aid to hold back an amputation. Thanks to the lack of privacy online there is mass government surveillance, identity theft fraud and other significant violations of people’s privacy. Currently, digital privacy is a shared responsibility. However, DERPA works toward providing a future where everyone has full control of their privacy by developing systems with concrete digital security with little chance of unauthorized access.