The growth of information technology is steady and undeniable. The benefits of this growth surpass the imagination and cut across every professional field into our day-to-day hustles and lives. Yet, just as its benefits are vast, so are the downsides. For instance, surveillance and hacking are now more sophisticated than ever before, and they only seem to grow in complexity. With the sudden erasure of net neutrality, the threats posed by the loss of internet rights and freedoms are worse than ever. As it stands, people have to be more careful and aware of their internet activity, and learn how to avoid government surveillance and other illegal digital intrusions into their digital lives. However, it is not very satisfactory to live constantly on guard, questioning your every click on the internet.

That is one of the reasons why DERPA exists. DERPA is an organization which, like many others, seeks to protect internet rights and freedoms. The difference is, unlike most other organizations we aim to do so by providing people with the tools they need to protect themselves online mainly decentralized network systems. This is in large part due to the successes seen in the use of such systems by the cryptocurrency industry as in the case of Bitcoin. Of course, before incentivized network systems grow into a commonly used tool, we advocate that people develop an understanding of VPNs and other readily available network security tools.

DERPA is the collaboration of brilliant minds in various professional fields that aim to make this dream a reality. But the results are not just limited to information security. In fact, decentralized network systems could cut down the costs of using and managing network systems and improve the performance, accessibility, privacy and security of online information systems. This would cause a significant boost in economic growth and technological advancement, not to mention people and businesses would rest easier knowing that their network security was assured.